Thoughts about the Supermoon

20190219 7R307738superluna

MODICA – Raising our eyes to the sky is a natural human attitude.

Myths are born from the observation of the sky, poets are inspired, and science works to give us answers, but everything always revolves around the fact that the firmament inspires and becomes a mirror for the great questions of man.

Among all celestial objects the most immediate is the moon, because it is the closest mystery, because its presence is empirically reflected in the life of the earth, think for example of the tides.

And because you don’t have to look for it to see it.

It is there, almost every day, a constant presence to remind us of the mystery of the cosmos, and if we want of creation, if the water, the fire, the air with which we are surrounded were not enough.
The moon is like a constant and ever-present sign of a direction to which we feel the need to look: with our eyes on high.

And what’s more, it has the ability to brighten down here, to reveal what we already look at, but often don’t see.

When I took that photo I was at a business meeting, fortunately in a place where looking out of the window I found this Hyblean landscape dear and familiar to me. The moon also has this ability to call you back, to make you stop, to freeze your routine for a few moments, to invite you to contemplation, and to center you in a moment in your place in the universe.
If I look at this photo, I see green meadows, dry stone walls, the distant horizon, little dots of light from the houses where people are intent on their daily lives, while in the sky, yesterday as millions of other times, the supermoon rises, that is, the full moon at its closest point to the earth, that is, the closest mystery on the day when it is closest to the great questions of Man.

Alessia Scarso – 21 febbraio 2019