2006 WORLD CUP – One night, the dream, the triumph

Film document of a midsummer event


Beach house.
Shorts and short sleeves.
It’s the afternoon of the 2006 World Cup final.
Appointment at Corrado’s house.
Giant screen.
Powerful audio speakers.
The final has to be watched properly.
We remember that we have a camera, spotlight and tripod in the car.
The idea: let’s point them at each other, let’s go public.
Someone complains about too much light in the eyes: we can’t disturb the final.
But we insist.
And caught up in the game we forget about everything.
The camera remains there, fixed, to catch every reaction.
Italy wins the World Cup.
The camera comes up with us in the car, and we go into the square to celebrate.

Alessia Scarso