Francesca Barone. Chef

Francesca and Carla Barone, very young, passionate and daughters of art, following in the family footsteps of their father Peppe and grandmother, take over the family restaurant, Fattoria delle Torri in Modica, and chart a bright path.

The tale of their new journey is entrusted to director Alessia Scarso, who in a short film traces the outlines of chef Francesca Barone’s personality: a story that is a concentrate of energy, freshness and reinterpretation of tradition.

The video was shown as a preview at the Reggia di Colorno (PR) on the occasion of the finals of Emergente Chef, an event promoted by Lorenza Vitali and Luigi Cremona’s Witaly, where the Modica chef proved herself on the shortlist of the seven best emerging chefs in Italy. From Modica to the temple of Italian high culinary education, Barone presented a first course of cauliflower and truffle, and a second course of pork, cocoa and prickly pear shovel.

Alessia Scarso, availing herself of the musical interpretation of maestro Marco Cascone,, skilled operator Gianfranco Guccione and the photographs of Federico Cannata, traced a tale full of intensity, recounting the gestures and energetic charge of a shrewd young chef.