EUMENIDES. Kromatografica calendar2018

CAL-KROMA-18-11ISPICA – In Ancient Greece the divine Eumenides were entrusted with the care of the city and the protection of justice. As Eumenides in chorus were summoned artists, to whom we have submitted the hard issues of discrimination against women in the workplace, in welfare, in the opportunities that are struggling to be equal, up to push us, with resistance and without signs of meaning, in the maze of gender violence, in all its expressions.
Through their works and their reflections we have created a communicative path as prismatic as possible, identifying a possible way for change in an education that frees the gaze towards oneself, towards the other, in an invitation to cultivate the beauty of otherness.
From this research, the Eumenides were born.
The images have been collected in the 2018 calendar Kromatografica.
Le immagini sono state raccolte nel calendario 2018 published by Kromatografica.

Evelina Barone

CAL-KROMA-18-9“I wish we could all stop reasoning in terms of sex, gender, species, ethnicities, in terms of differences… as if we had so much time on our hands to reason in these terms, when there would be so many more interesting things to devote ourselves to… such as perhaps the process of centering ourselves, following our dreams, achieving our goals. It seems to me that it is a bad time to pay attention to equality, because equality, if we speak in terms of dualisms, is an abstract concept, it is a concept that in my opinion has no meaning. Everyone is made as he or she is, everyone is a pearl in the universe.”

Alessia Scarso