AD SIDERA. Up there with me

In memory of my dad

MODICA – On September 4, 2019 at 3:05 p.m. a rainbow over Modica opened the road to Heaven for my Dad.

I have gone to the cemetery a few times in these two years.

I feel him under his mulberry tree, inside his office, among his notes. Inside me.

What the Catholic Church calls Communion of Saints and what Foscolo called Celestial correspondence of amorous senses is a personal and intimate relationship. In me it has changed my expressiveness, furrowing me. In these few but slow years, the combination of many sensations and the re-reading of moments of contemplation have taken the form of a path that at a certain point I understood had to be shared. I have no difficulty in admitting that this research is the fruit of a dialogue, of a living correspondence with my father. There is his breath in Ad Sidera. Once upon a time the Sky, for he is with me. Up there with me.

The relationship with the Sky is not an abstract search for elements or sensations, but a faithful mirror in which to read oneself. To understand each other, if all goes well. Looking up is a journey within oneself, necessary to center oneself on the Earth. The wonder of looking is important. Children are the best at this.

Adults alone don’t understand anything, and it’s tiring for children to have to explain everything. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

My father wrote: “The roads of life are different for each one of us, and each one has his own road to travel. One must always be faithful to this road in good times and bad, in success and failure, in victory and defeat, on the altars and in the dust. Whatever the story of each one of us may be, fidelity to our path, traveled with dignity and honor, makes us assume that dimension and that quality for which we were born and for which it is worth living: to be Men. We must not forget that if we are today it is because before us there were our ancestors, without whom we would not be today. We are today the only reason for which they were. That is the reason for each of us to live.”

Carmelo Scarso, Avvocato (1949 – 2019). In memoriam.