AD SIDERA. A special birthday gift

The review of Ad Sidera by Marisa Scopello

MODICA – When we accomplish something, whether it be cinema or photography or any other form of expression, there are resources involved that are not directly linked to the sphere of the intellect (soma), or to that of the emotions (psyche), or to the spiritual (pneuma). Probably all three merge and confuse, uncontrollable and unpredictable. And it is not even given to know how much and how a pure and naked creativity draws on readings, encounters, assimilated knowledge. An act of unconsciousness is made and a new story is codified.

Unconsciousness is the most suitable word, from all points of view.

Marisa Scopello has given me a great gift today. It comes on the day I turn seven for the sixth time.

Marisa, a person of experience, visiting the exhibition and living it from her point of view, enjoying for example the projection in the cinema room sitting on the floor, felt the desire to decode my work. And between his words I remain open-mouthed, first of all for the quality of the writing and the thought, but above all because it gives me the opportunity to meet a me that I am but that I am not aware of being, too busy in the world of unconsciousness to be aware of it.

It would all seem very self-referential, if it were not for the fact that the path of those who communicate becomes the free personal path of those who bring themselves into the works. So between Marisa’s words there is my work, but there is also Marisa, and there are all those who have contributed and everything we have encountered, absorbed, incorporated in the three levels of psychoanalytic consciousness, in the three levels of human experience.

Thank you, Marisa.

The review of the exhibition AD SIDERA. Once upon a time the Sky written by Marisa Scopello can be found at this link (in italian)